Free education



Mooc courses have been a huge help for a lot of people who cannot afford any kind education. They have helped a lot. But why not to create the same for lower levels?

I mean, it will be very interesting that highschool students will have the possbility to enwide or reinforce for free some of the contents they need or they like.

A lot of universities are offering the possibility to do some free courses and this is huge, but what happen with those who haven’t had the possbility to go to the university or that not have the education needed to understand and to participate in this kind of courses.

All of us know that univerities are offering these couses to promote they brand, but will be also interesting to foster the youngster education.

What do you think about it? don’t you think that there is a big marked segment to explore?


Do not think that our governments should modify a lot of things in order to have a better education?

Since the most of the world’s governments decided that all the entire population will have to have the right to be educated the alphabetization level has increased.

However, this is not enough, it has rained a lot since it happened.

These days I’ve been reading that many people are concerned about the level students have at the end of their studies or the teachers’ level.

This can be improved; obviously not all the world can follow the same patterns, since each society is different.

Comparing our education system with the finnish system:


Finnish system

The free education from kindergarten to university includes classes, dining, books and even school supplies. The school day usually starts about 8.30 to 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.


General system

We have to pay for everything.


Finnish system

During the first six years of primary school children have all or most of the subjects the same master, which ensures that no student be excluded. It is a way of strengthening their emotional stability and security.


General system

We have a lot of different teachers.


Finnish system

Family, school and cultural resources work together. Parents have the conviction that they are primarily responsible for the education of their children, in front of the school and complement the effort made in school.


General system

Any coordination exists and a lot of parents think that are teachers the ones who have to educate their children, not them.


Finnish system

In Finland, 80% of families are going to the library on the weekend.


General system

Most of the people do not go to the library. They go to the bowling, to the park, etc.


Finnish system

Teacher in Finland have high academic qualification, mainly in primary education. The Finns believe that the treasure of the nation is its children and put them in the hands of the best professionals in the country.


General system

All of our teachers do not have high academic qualifications, they only have the degree and that’s it. It doesn’t mother the qualifications.



Finnish system

The best teachers are in the early years of teaching, where you learn the basics of all further learning.


General system

We do not do anything like that.


Finnish system

It is a national honor being a Primary teacher. To be a teacher you need a score of more than 9 out of 10 in high school averages.
Each university chooses their student teachers through an interview to assess their communication skills and empathy, they have to do a summary after reading a book, students have to explain a topic to a class, they have to demonstrate their artistic skills, have to pass a math and other technological skills test. These are the toughest tests across the country.


General system

We do not have anything similar to that.


Do not think that we should modify a lot of things in order to have a better education?

What is the correct age to introduce kids to the new tech?


If we look around us we can see that we are sorrounded of new technologies. We cannot understand our current world without them.

Our kids have born in the technological era, they have some qualities that we didn’t have when we were their age. They have some DNA skills that let them use the new tech without problems.

After observing some kids I’ve reached to a conclusion, that is that nowadays kids have special skills that we don’t have.

So, I really think that is not any correct age to star with the new tech, but from my point of view they can start since they are 2 years. We can introduce them into the ipad world.

We can let them play different educational apps, that are very useful. I would even encourage some teachers that are skeptical about using new technologies at school that think about it.

Kids feel very motivated when we introduce the new tech in the school. They love it, mu pupils love it. Obviously we cannot use them for everything, but there are a lot of contents that can be worked though them.